Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #4

I chose a tiered white skirt from Putumayo this week.
I did a quirky black and white graphic punk outfit.  I am rather in love with all of the white punk lolita items brands like H.Naoto and Putumayo have been releasing lately. You can't go wrong with mixing patterns if they have the same color scheme (black and white in my case~).

Classy Sweet

Classy Sweet by MandaPlz on
I tried to play up the girly ruffles in this cute sweet lolita outfit. I feel that the sax gloves give it a classy 50's twist. This is reminiscent of old school sweet using only two or three colors in your outfit and limited accessories as apposed to the modern color crazy,decked out in clips OTT sweet lolita.

Guro Lolita

Guro Lolita by MandaPlz on
Oh guro! How I have a love-hate relationship with it! I love looking at it and give props to those that pull it off, but I would personally feel kinda silly wearing it.  If I would dress up like a trauma victim I would want to go all out zombie personally.  I love adding medical accents to guro outfit, hence the gauze type booties, medical gauze, and nurse hat.
I hope you enjoyed~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #3

This week I chose a cute bunny print jsk! It was featured in a San Fransisco one year aniversary lucky pack and can found rather cheap (and included with the matching soft brim bonnet~).
I'm late for a very important date

I'm late for a very important date by MandaPlz featuring white bags
I decided to play up the bunny motif by refering to none other than the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Although many people dislike the lolita style usamimi head piece, but I though it was adorable and worked well for the rabbit theme I had (although the price did make me drop my jaw a bit).  Using a tutorial such as this you can easily make your own and just add your own lace.

OTT Classic

OTT Classic by MandaPlz featuring a link bracelet
I wanted to try and combine classical and sweet lolita without venturing into pastels too much. I would crown braid the wig (I also think it would be cool to have a braid of two different colors~). I tried make the red of the print pop out as much as possible to go with the OTT vibe. The bonnet would look awesome with lots of faux rose clips in front of it.


Untitled by MandaPlz featuring sheer nylon stockings
 I like to call this look "Almost Mainstream" because you could easily switch the jsk out for a brown pencil skirt and it could easily be worn around without a question of "What are you wearing?" This has a cute artsy vibe to it and it could easily work for Casual Fridays.

I hope you enjoyed~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #2

This week I chose a cute BTSSB pink tulle skirt, that could easily be substituted by a similar off-brand skirt. I went with a Convention theme for the week, and stated what days I think each outfit would be ideal. It is good to reuse items when you go to conventions to save packing space and have less items to iron/steam when you get to the hotel (just don't reuse EVERYTHING for each outfit, you don't want to be a "non-bathing con-goer").

casual lolita

casual lolita by MandaPlz featuring shoes
I think this skirt is well suited for a casual coord.  This outfit would be perfect for a Thursday or Sunday of a convention because you are either just traveling in or out and casual lolita is well suited for traveling. Tea parties (or any lolita style flat shoes) are also good for those driving so you can actually feel the pedal and of course, are suited for walking around big conventions.

Pirate lolita

Pirate lolita by MandaPlz featuring ribbon hats
I saw a coord similar to this in an English Gothic Lolita Bible, and I thought it would definitely work for pirate lolita. To toughen up the tulle skirt, I added a pair of AP boots (which could easily be replaced with a pair of cute wellies or Doc Martens)  and striped tights. I think this would be good for a Saturday of an anime convention because it is memorable and easily recognizable , which is vital when finding your friends at conventions. You can easily say "I'm the girl in the pink pirate outfit" instead of "I'm the one wearing the blue Super Magical Rainbow Unicorn Colony dress" which could easily confuse your non-lolita friends.

Fairy Kei Lolita

Fairy Kei Lolita by MandaPlz featuring hair clips accessories
 The tulle skirt resembles a fancier tutu skirt and would be totally awesome for fairy kei. This outfit would be good for a Friday because it is still casual because of the cozy socks and ruffled sweat shirt, but the wig makes it seem more dressed up (and lets you try to sleep in more instead of curling your hair). I couldn't resist the putting the cute mint shoes in the coord(despite how inconvenient they would be for a convention), but the shoes could easily be exchanged for high tops or if you also change the star bag to a cute tote bag, you could pack a pair of flats for when your feet start to hurt (this is what I do).

I hope this is helpful to experienced con-goers and newbies alike~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #1

I chose the Violin Dress in brown from Innocent World. It has a refreshing simple print and design, which makes it very versatile for styling.
Sorry that I had a hard time finding mints for this outfit, but Polyvore sorta sucks at differentiating between mint and sax blue. It would look better with mint than sax because it goes with the 50's retro look I was going for, but either looks awesome with brown. I used a cute sash to add more detail and to balance the coordinate. This would be great for a student studying music in college or someone in their high school orchestra.

Old Fashioned Elegance

Old Fashioned Elegance by MandaPlz featuring jumper dresses
 This is a rather simple coordinate that you could wear in otome style with a less poofy petticoat (or possibly *gasp* nothing). This would be suitable for casual Fridays or casual get-togethers. The cute chip and dale clutch keeps it from looking too stuffy.

Dolly Kei lolita

Dolly Kei lolita by MandaPlz featuring beret hats
This a cozy little mori girl and dolly kei inspired outfit. The main focus are the leggings. They have such an interesting and colorful pattern. I used an vintage looking floral bag and cute knited hat that matched the aesthetic perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please leave con crit!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Feeler Post

Hey there followers! I just wanted to ask about an idea I had. I was thinking of doing a weekly or biweekly post called One Item Three Different Ways Thursday. It would be similar in structure to my post about how to save money in lolita except be more focused on outfit diversity.  Not all of the coordinates would necessarily be lolita either (i.e. otome, fairy kei, dolly kei)

Also I wanted to notify you of my tumblr and poupée girl accounts. I would really appreciate it if you would follow them~

Manda is signing off. I leave Minho in my place.