Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long Time No Post ! One Item Three Ways Thursday #8

I apologize for the lack of posting lately.  I've just been buckling down since it was the end of the year and some of my grades weren't as awesome as they should be. Luckily school just ended yesterday so I thought I would celebrate by making a blog post! Onto the One Item Three Ways Thursday~ I personally own this jumper skirt after snatching it for a bargain on eBay (seriously guys, as long as you search for specific brands and use your brain, eBay isn't as terrible as some lolitas would like to believe) and I love it.  The print is very 50's friendly which is very on trend in the "normal people" fashion world :P  I actually wore to a loliday meet up.  I'll post a picture at the end of this post.
One Item Three Ways: gingham cherry jsk

One Item Three Ways: gingham cherry jsk by MandaPlz featuring leather jackets
numbered 1 to 3 (left to right) 
1.  I went with a very crazy and fun OTT outfit.  I mixed different brands, prints, and patterns together.  More people need to forget being a slave to the label and just wear what they like and what looks good together.  The socks played up the berry theme of the dress and complimented the patterned red blouse.

2.  For the second outfit a went a light, almost hime type outfit.  The dotted texture of the bolero really goes well with the spotted tights (which are actually tiny hearts!).  The hair in styled in a simple bun with a pearl headband and a daisy hair clip.

3. The third is my favorite. It is just so fun and unexpected out a rather sweet looking dress!  The leather jacket and white doc martens add a quirky punky flair while staying within the color scheme of the dress.  The split wig also adds edge, but it doesn't compete with the rest of the outfit too much.

 picture taken by Kayla. listed left to right. Myself, Jen, Sarah, Hope, Cat, and Emily

And there is the picture from the meet up I promised.  The meet up was so fun despite so many people canceling last minute. We were supposed to do a photo shoot at the cathedral of learning, but we just ended up eating and chatting at a near by park -and rode the coolest carousel in the world! (I rode a triceratops, seriously what carousel has that!)

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