Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #7

This week I chose a cute color blocked jumper skirt from Alice and the Pirates. I love how versatile the tarot card pattern card is. On to the coordinates~!
One Item Three Ways: Tarot Cards

One Item Three Ways: Tarot Cards by MandaPlz featuring suede boots
numbered 1-3 left to right
 1. For the first coord I went with the first thing to come to my head and out came this elegant and subtle classical outfit.  I paired the dress with cream tights and a bolero to give it more of a classical kick.  The shoes are. just. to. die. for. so they don't really need more of an explanation.  Keep the hair styled simply with a rose clip to keep the focus on the dress and awesome shoes.
2. I took a darker themed dress into a much sweeter and softer light with this coord. I think that card prints in lolita will always remind me a bit of Alice in Wonderland (note the adorable bunny bag~).  Use bow encrusted socks, simple matching mary janes and wrist cuffs to add more sweetness. Top this off with a curly spilt wig and a giant bow and you are ready for anything your sugary heart desires!
3. I decide to let this gloomy print do it's thing in this outfit. I covered the red bodice with a punky jacket to bring out the darker colors in the jumper skirt.  Although some think that black striped socks and tights are ita-tastic, I think they can easily work as long as they coordinate with your outfit (like so). Wear it with some black lace up booties and a circular head dress to polish up the look.
For those that haven't seen, I recently submitted a polyvore set to a the blog The Elegant Wardrobe, 
, a local lolita (and awesome blogger). I would love if you would all check out her blog and support her!.
Also for those sick of my polyvore coordinates, I am presently writing up some tips and tricks on scoring loli goods at local flea markets for a future post~ Well that's all for now!

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