Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #1

I chose the Violin Dress in brown from Innocent World. It has a refreshing simple print and design, which makes it very versatile for styling.
Sorry that I had a hard time finding mints for this outfit, but Polyvore sorta sucks at differentiating between mint and sax blue. It would look better with mint than sax because it goes with the 50's retro look I was going for, but either looks awesome with brown. I used a cute sash to add more detail and to balance the coordinate. This would be great for a student studying music in college or someone in their high school orchestra.

Old Fashioned Elegance

Old Fashioned Elegance by MandaPlz featuring jumper dresses
 This is a rather simple coordinate that you could wear in otome style with a less poofy petticoat (or possibly *gasp* nothing). This would be suitable for casual Fridays or casual get-togethers. The cute chip and dale clutch keeps it from looking too stuffy.

Dolly Kei lolita

Dolly Kei lolita by MandaPlz featuring beret hats
This a cozy little mori girl and dolly kei inspired outfit. The main focus are the leggings. They have such an interesting and colorful pattern. I used an vintage looking floral bag and cute knited hat that matched the aesthetic perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please leave con crit!


  1. I like this very much! This is one of my favorite dresses.

  2. Great coordinates! It was very interesting seeing the creative things you've done with each one.