Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #4

I chose a tiered white skirt from Putumayo this week.
I did a quirky black and white graphic punk outfit.  I am rather in love with all of the white punk lolita items brands like H.Naoto and Putumayo have been releasing lately. You can't go wrong with mixing patterns if they have the same color scheme (black and white in my case~).

Classy Sweet

Classy Sweet by MandaPlz on
I tried to play up the girly ruffles in this cute sweet lolita outfit. I feel that the sax gloves give it a classy 50's twist. This is reminiscent of old school sweet using only two or three colors in your outfit and limited accessories as apposed to the modern color crazy,decked out in clips OTT sweet lolita.

Guro Lolita

Guro Lolita by MandaPlz on
Oh guro! How I have a love-hate relationship with it! I love looking at it and give props to those that pull it off, but I would personally feel kinda silly wearing it.  If I would dress up like a trauma victim I would want to go all out zombie personally.  I love adding medical accents to guro outfit, hence the gauze type booties, medical gauze, and nurse hat.
I hope you enjoyed~


  1. Another nice coord post!

    What is your opinion on the two-tone wigs? I personally think they're cute although I don't have one of my own yet!! Black with white can still look awesome!!

  2. I personally love split colored wigs, but it seems that OTT sweet lolitas get all of the fun with them! I wish they were more popular in gothic coordinates. I would love to see a blue and black one with some Moitie dress!