Thursday, March 10, 2011

Japanese Street Style...For Prom?

Maybe it's because of Sadie Hawkins Dance approaching, maybe it's the sequin vomit prom dress catalogs arriving, or maybe just the reminder of warm weather (whenever Pennsylvania allows that to happen AMIRITE?), but lots of my fellow peers are in preparation for prom season. I honestly couldn't care less because I'm a junior, but my mother is convinced otherwise (it certainly doesn't help that she didn't go to prom when she was in high school). I decided for fun to make prom theme coordinates based on several popular Harajuku styles.
Formal Fairy Kei

Formal Fairy Kei by MandaPlz featuring cocktail dresses
I think fairy-kei would be the easiest to create for prom. Tulle tutu style prom dresses are rather easy to find in fairy-able colors like pink, teal, lilac, and others. What makes these dresses is the styling! Go for the most plasticy barbie looking shoes possible (bonus points if the have hearts or stars on them!) with colorful pastel socks or tights. Accessorize with cartoony shaped bags, colorful wrist cuffs, and cute hair bows. The split wig isn't totally necessary, but if it is prom you might as well go all out!
Gothic Gala

Gothic Gala by MandaPlz featuring print dresses
I went for a cute Romantic Goth and Aristocrat couple coordinate. I used an elegant chiffon Moi meme Moitie dress for the focus and added lacy tights and peep toe shoes to make it more prom appropriate. The bow encrusted elbow length gloves, drapey necklace, feathery purse and head piece add a luxurious feel. The male outfit (or significant other-for all of my lesbian and bisexual readers!) has a slightly ruffled blazer, pinstripe pants, dress shoes and a bow jabot blouse.  The looked is topped off (pun intended) with a lovely black top hat.
I went for a more layered Dolly-kei inspired prom ensemble on the left. It is actually two different dresses layered to add more of an eclectic vintage flair.  I added a pair of soft rose lace up heels, vintage belt, and layered necklaces for more a quirky second hand aesthetic . The floral bag and bunches of roses as a dainty girly feel.  It is completed by the one of a kind button accented elbow gloves.  
The look on the right has more of a laid back feel, which suits the Mori Girl mentality more.  The dress is just formal enough for prom with the right touches. I added a cape and tights for more modesty and formality. The hair is styled in a simple curly side pony that is just formal enough for prom, with natural looking braid accents. I added more of a floral theme with ivory rose detailed shoes, bag and hair piece. 

Hope you enjoyed and happy prom!
I also have to apologize for not posting a "One Item Three Ways Thurdays" post this or last Saturday. I thought this special article would make up for me forgetting to post last week.


  1. I loved seeing your Polyvore sets, especially (predictably XD ) the romantic goth one.

  2. I am adoring the second fairy kei coordination, the colors look so well together!~
    also love to the mori girl coordination, lace is just about the loveliest thing. <3

  3. Sorry for being completely late to the party, but this is awesome and super clever~~ ^^