Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Item Three Ways Thursday #5

I noticed that I haven't used any offbrand items in any of my One Item Three Ways Thursday posts. I thought I could use this gorgeous red skirt from bodyline (which I own and love to pieces if you couldn't tell by the header!).

Gothic Glamor by MandaPlz featuring heart handbags
For my first look, I went for an edgy gothic look.  I used a pair of dark lace up boots and a black ruffley high collared blouse to add a traditional gothic flair to a more classical skirt. I used the pirate style H.Naoto jacket, striped tights and Vivienne Westwood bag to add more edge. I left the hair simply curled with a slight side part and a little cameo bow to not detract from the rest of the outfit.
among the flowers

among the flowers by MandaPlz featuring crop tops
I played up the granny style print in this simple classic style outfit.  I added some maroon lace up shoes, quilted bow purse and a lacy bolero to add  vintage flair. The hair should be styled soft and airy to make sure the outfit doesn't end up too stuffy looking. The roses add a dainty touch and make the outfit more color balanced.

Elegant in Ero

Elegant in Ero by MandaPlz featuring fishnet stockings
This is by far the sexiest of all of the outfits! I thought I should just play up the corset lacing in the front by putting it over another corset. Double corset all the way across the- *gets pulled off with cane* ...anyway, the lace tights, sheer bolero, and bow covered gloved exemplify give-and-take sexiness. The cute heart theme mary janes and rose head band continue the flirty vibe.
I hope you enjoyed~!

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